I grew up under my architect father’s drawing board, making my first ‘plan’ at the age of 5.

I graduated from the school of Architecture at the University of the Witwatersrand under Pancho Guedes in 1983. His Manifesto (“I claim for architects the rights and liberties that painters and poets have held for so long”) has influenced my view of the possibilities for architecture.

My final thesis was a group of 4 houses – called ‘Quartet’, which explored the ways of making the same house in different ways.

I obtained a Master of Science Degree from MIT in Environmental Design, with a thesis on the politics of space in South Africa, in 1989: ‘Space and Race: South African “Native Townships” as Corruptions of Suburban Ideals for Political Ends’, under Dr Larry Vale and Professor Julian Beinart.

I worked on high-end residential projects in Manhattan in 1990 – 91, including the penthouse suite of the Pierre Hotel for Lady Fairfax whilst working with Balamotis McAlpine in New York.

I have worked in Johannesburg in commercial practice. I have designed and worked on shopping centres, office buildings, urban designs and masterplans.

I have designed several single family houses in Johannesburg and worked on projects in the vicinity of the Fish River Canyon in Namibia.

I have lived and worked in London since 1999.

I spent a year with Alan Baxter and Associates as an urban designer, working on the Oxford Castle / Prison site, co-ordinating the work of many other consultants into a single coherent scheme to obtain the necessary consents with Planning, Listed Buildings and Historic Monuments.

I have completed the “Part 3” (South Bank University, London) and am registered with the Architect’s Registration Board and am a member of RIBA.

ARB registration Number 067301A
Chartered Member RIBA Membership number 7720909
Chartered Practice RIBA Membership number 20004578

Attitude and approach

I approach every project as a unique opportunity.

Every project is personal.

I focus on the contextual requirements and try to find the spirit of the place and of the people.

I research, I use knowledge from formal education, practical experience and intuition formed over years to evolve a suitable, sustainable proposal for each project.

I give each project my time and attention, working with and listening to my clients to help them achieve their ambitions. I look for opportunities, manage the constraints and resolve the multitude of planning, social, environmental, aesthetic, haptic, and technical issues related with each particular project. Working with the filters of time, cost and quality we propose unique solutions suiting the client, and achieved in a consultative, sensitive and contextually thoughtful manner.

I seek to provide ideas behind the solutions, more than ‘just building’, understanding the potential of a built structure in its context to affect our lives.

It is my ambition to improve the daily lives of those who use the buildings.

I believe that good architecture can make a difference to your life.
It can make you present to your life now,
It can allow you to feel and be profoundly safe, productive, and happy;
To find joy.

I understand that carefully considered design brings increased value to your property. What the ‘good’ is for each project and person is something different.

Building construction is relatively straightforward, dealing with the personal and the profound nature of how spatial experience impacts our lives on a personal basis is a challenge.

Buildings have meaning, most obviously through association in a political sense. I have spent most of my professional career concerned with how and what gives a building meaning… I am reaching the understanding that this is both extremely personal, as well as general – in as much as it relates to our generic sensory responses to our environmental conditions.