2 projects in Penang, Malaysia

Mixed use proposals including hotel, resort and shopping

We were invited by an ambitious, well connected, local Malaysian developer to have a look at the potential development of a number of sites in Penang and also in Melaka.  I worked on 2 potential projects here, the sea front site at Telok Bahang, and the town centre Gaol Road site, both in Penang. 


Part of the complexity and sensitivity of the Telok Bahang site was the relocation of local fisherman into ‘modern’ living accommodation in order to free up the water front for higher value development.  High density residential accommodation was functionally planned and softened by a gently modulating forms to maximize views and create an identifiable, poetic identity for the development.

The Gaol Road site was also proposed as a mixed use development, and to provide live-work houses along one of the roads to support the local tradition for this type of development, while constructing a modern, ambitious scheme for the rest of the site.  The brief for the site was to include a 5 star hotel, a shopping centre, and a mixture of residential accommodation, from serviced apartments to rentals and privately owned apartments.  While this project was essentially a master-planning exercise at this stage, we treated it also as a large scale architectural project. 

These drawings are among many iterations to test the accommodation schedules for these projects and are intentionally cartoon like as the scheme addresses issues of access, parking, levels, orientation and the local context, and so on, whilst suggesting an architectural language and massing to stimulate the imagination.

As politics in Penang shifted so our developer lost his window of opportunity to develop these sites and so these remain works on paper.