Partial basement, ground floor extension, alterations and refurbishment

We added a substantial amount of space to this semi-detached house by constructing a basement under the rear of the house and out into the garden and by replacing an existing conservatory with a largely glass extension.  Planning restrictions in this conservation area required a ‘transparent’ extension to replace the old conservatory, and so we took the back off the existing ground floor and extended it with a reclaimed brick wall to the side extension and a minimalist structural glass box.  The large light well to the side brings light and provides access to the basement.  The entire house was refurbished with new room layouts on the upper floors, new electrical wiring throughout, new bathrooms, new radiators, boilers and tanks, new finishes and joinery.  Carefully proportioned doors were designed and installed to suit the scale of the rooms with very high ceilings.  We included Ground Air Heat Exchange providing a certain amount of passive heating and cooling through the mechanical ventilation system of the house.

We concentrated on the proportions of spaces and the relationships between spaces.  We were concerned with fitting in a large amount of accommodation (client requirement) into a limited space (limited by planners and budgets), and that is both a ‘machine for living in’ as well as a ‘nest’ and home.