Design thesis – four houses in Hyde Park, Sandton, South Africa

For my professional architecture degree I completed a design dissertation addressing the potential of 4 houses on a suburban acre site in a well-to-do neighbourhood of Johannesburg.  As in much speculative development, these houses were all the same, but also all uniquely different.  They provide the same amount of accommodation in more or less the same configuration, but the geometries and the essential themes of each of the houses was unique.  Also, they were tied together across the site with some poetic notions of overall form (that of a voluptuous torso), the logic of scale, servicing and arrival, orientation, and so on. 

The product of this years work was both to address what opportunities could be explored to make four homes out and four unique identities out of a single building, and also to address what it is to do a design dissertation.

The design is both exciting and energetic, and I remember the full time struggle to get every aspect of them all to work just so!  What an immense pity I couldn’t persuade the owner of the site to build this scheme.