Toadsmoor Mill

Listed Mill at Brimscombe, near Stroud in Glous.

The artist owners wished to create a separate flat within a disused part of the mill which had previously suffered fire damage and had not been very sympathetically repaired or restored.

Our instinct was to insert an independent structure inside the existing stone shell of the building.  By separating the new from the old we would be showing respect and care for the existing building and bringing new life and possibilities within.

We worked with the local authority’s conservation and planning officers to obtain consents for a proposed scheme made largely of steel frame and timber beams and trusses.  We altered the existing access to provide a sense of privacy for the owners or the tenants of the flat.  We kept some of the large volumes of the burnt out shell space as this seemed to be quite a spectacular feature, especially with the views down the valley from the sitting room.  The bedroom had an internal balcony looking over the double volume sitting space, and through to the valley views.  We planned a fair amount of repair and restoration work to the rest of the Mill building also, repairs to external stone and changing the cement tiled roof for a traditional Welsh slate tile.

This project scheme was not taken through to construction.